chef tamara westerhold

Owner, Cherubina Catering

Chef Tamara Westerhold is a proud third-generation San Franciscan. In the early 1900s, her family emigrated from Spain, not surprisingly a country that inspires so much of her cooking today.

A debt of gratitude spurred her on to become the first woman (and person in her family) to attend college. She graduated with a degree in Social Work and Nonprofit Management. While this work was fulfilling, it simply couldn’t compete with the joy she felt in the kitchen. She loved recreating family recipes and celebrating holidays over food. Parties in Chef Tamara’s family were loud and chaotic, with plenty of dancing and singing—in Spanish and English, old world and new.

Still following her deep devotion to serve others, Chef Tamara decided that her medium to do just that would be through food. She has since pursued her goal of making people feel special through providing an experience built on the love of sharing delicious food.

Chef Tamara has a passion for travel, with Spain and Italy among her favorite destinations. She hopes to continue her adventures abroad, as it inspires and influences her culinary work.



the cherubina experience

Today, Cherubina Catering offers one-of-a-kind catering experiences for brunch, dinner, cocktail parties, and more. We specialize in intimate gatherings, ranging from two to 20 people, which allows us to provide exquisite attention to detail and a focus on customizing each guest’s experience. We certainly welcome larger parties, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re hosting a crowd.

What sets us apart? We have a unique flair for designing and creating a progressive, multi-course menu which reflects your needs. We are all about collaborating with you to achieve the best event possible. While our culinary focus is upscale Mediterranean, but we celebrate and highlight cuisines from around the world.

Finally, we honor dietary restrictions and preferences, and use the finest ingredients, almost exclusively sourced locally.